Eco gift guides from Property Radio Health and Home show – Imperfectly Natural

Last updated: 12-25-2018

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Eco gift guides from Property Radio Health and Home show – Imperfectly Natural

I know its radio, but since starting my Health and Home show on Property Radio,  a lot of people are asking about eco friendly Christmas gifts so I thought I’d do a round up of some recent finds.  There’s the classic candles (sustainable and non toxic) and socks (similar, eco freindly and hopefully non smelly!)) and a new twist on Christmas dates and coffee, not to mention some stocking fillers for the teenage gals and the unique trees delivered to your door.

I am not on any commission whatsoever so find them in any store or via any link your like but if you get chance tell them I recommended them!

Dr. Bronner’s is the USA’s No. 1 selling natural soap brand and the leader in organic and Fair Trade skin care., with its philosophical labels, certified Fair Trade and organic ingredients and uncommon quality.  The magic of Dr. Bronner’s is its affordability and versatility, with 18 uses from 1 bottle of liquid soap – very affordable  Best used with a cloth, towel, loofah or sponge you can use it to clean your body, your mouth & teeth, your fruit & vegetables, your bathroom and kitchen, your clothes and even your pets! I love the famous tingly Peppermint In lots of good health shops and online

Still on the bathing tip..

Malki Dead Sea aromatherapy bath salts with frankincense oil & rose petals would be a perfect.stocking filler  £6.85 from Boots and  The Dead Sea minerals infused with the frankincense oil are a perfect relaxation treats while the frankincense aroma brings Christmas home.

For the woman in your life… or to treat yourself …

This is such a versatile, effective, eco-friendly and skin kind product – every home should have it! It is made entirely from sustainable, biodegradable natural ingredients and packaged in recyclable glass and cardboard

Then there’s the authentic Indian-inspired oils from Amaiaa. Each has a blend of more than 10 pure essential oils, including night jasmine, rose and sandalwood. packed full of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamin K.  And, for every Oil purchased they  also provide education for a girl in India – via their own ‘Empowered Girl’ initiative.

…and the perfect stocking fillers for teenagers, (perfect for my daughter)

Newly launched in the UK, Crazy Rumors lip balms make the perfect Christmas gift for under £5.00 100% natural, vegan lip balms with 15 tasty flavours in this hand-crafted collection….. I’m loving the Hot Cocoa – perfect on a cold winter’s day   They’ve also got a great woobamboo vanilla mint toothpaste from

Still with teenagers (though I’m having this for me), theSO Eco make up brushes 100% ethically sourced, packaged in a brush wrap made from unbleached natural cotton, ideal for storing your brushes on the go!

In case you are thinking of getting away  Delph is a Vegan friendly suncream brand –

Whilst protecting the skin from the sun Delph also allows the pores to breath Delph is available in SPF 15, 30 and 50 and both a after sun lotion and gel are available from

Candles always make fabulous Christmas gifts but forge t the petroleum based ones, they can be highly toxic, opt for a lovely natural one such as the The Queen Idia Candle from Liha Beauty   Made from clean burning, sustainable coconut wax.  Free from toxic paraffin and synthetic fragrances from

 Home of Juniper have some unique eco gifts

Who doesn’t want the birds a-feeding in your garden, they have a very affordable  Bird Feeder – Made from Recycled plant pots under five pounds

…Some really unusual accessories blankets, cushions et al from eco friendly brand Weaver Green. All accessories are made from 100% plastic bottles but have the look and feel of wool

And so to zzzzz…

The perfect gift to treat yourself or your loved one to a good night sleep is the eco duvet from The fine bedding company

The ECO Duvet is the UK’s first luxury duvet made entirely from recycled materials, 100 per cent of it – from the cover to the filling.   Recycled plastic bottles (120 to make a double duvet) are used to create soft, silky micro fibres. The filling is encased in a soft touch microfibre cover made from 100% recycled yarn.

In food and drink who doesn’t love dates at Christmas time,?

Abacus foods bring us Nut Stuffed Red Dates would make a perfect healthy gift and stocking fillers for foodies. They are made of the Red dates / Jujube Fruits, mixed with nuts such as Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, for indulgent and guilt-free snacking.

For coffee lovers check out the Christmas Blend from Café Direct its fairtrade roasted in small batches in their London Fields Roastery, giving a ridiculously good taste experience.  grown without pesticides and with minimal environmental impact

If you want a healthier twist Rokit Pods are Nespresso-compatible matcha green tea pods, This full-bodied, earthy, hearty and organic Matcha green tea is made from high-quality, fine ground, powdered green tea to create a delicate fragrant drink that is super good for you, a no fuss way to enjoy matcha tea

And to drink it in, Pro Cook coffee cup comes with an easy-grip silicone sleeve and  reusuable  no drip lid, so it’s perfect for use in the car, the coffee shop or at home.  I love the Lifes a beach one, made from one hundred per cent recyclable materials

For the little ones, there are way too many gorgeous eco toys to mention but when you need them to finally get ready for bathtime and bed check out the vegan bubble bath from Good Bubbles

 If you want a really unusual book for the guy who has everything, or the gal check out Better Living through origami  20 Creative Paper Projects for a Beautiful Home  By Nellianna van den Baard, Kenneth Veenenbos

You’ll be needing a tree too or at least a nice plant and why not give someone a really unique gift Tree2mydoor will deliver trees shrubs and plants to your door,  with eco friendly wrapping paper. And a personalized greeting,

This guide was created for the Health and Home show on Property Radio 2-4 pm Listen live on DAB via Fix radio in London or via the site

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