Scorpio New Moon Tarot ⋆ Angelorum - Tarot and Healing

Last updated: 11-15-2017

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Scorpio New Moon Tarot ⋆ Angelorum - Tarot and Healing

On Saturday, we welcome a new beginning with the Scorpio New Moon. This is a time to decide which area we wish to transform and commit to doing just that. Even though the Moon is in its Fall in Scorpio, there is a lot of juice in this New Moon if we are willing to face our shadows and decide to not be easily put off by a bit of emotional (or other) discomfort.

I chose the quote above to illustrate the temptation in times when the Scorpio energy is strong, to turn and focus on an enemy outside oneself. However, in truth, there is no other enemy than the enemy within. Working on self-control is always a worthy goal on the Scorpio New Moon.

You can find some useful tips for how to make the most of the Scorpio New Moon/Dark Moon in this article. Today’s offering is a simple Tarot Spread to help you find focus for this lunation and stay on target over the next few weeks.

The Scorpio New Moon is all about the sex, transformation and what we value most deeply/are addicted to/obsessed with.

In the Tarot, the Scorpio energy is most strongly concentrated in arcanum XIII Death. Use this card as a contemplation point during the Dark Moon phase for what to needs to die/fall away from your life now, to make room for new blessings.

Interesting to note that a whopping FIVE out of seven cards here are Majors. This is a signal that I really do need a new focus for this Scorpio New Moon. The Scorpio energy itself is showing in the Knight of Cups. The Moon is another Water Element card (Pisces) and resonates well with the Piscean King of Cups as my focus card. I’ll be diving deep into these New Moon energies, it seems!

I want to end with this quote by Chani Nicholas (do check out her fab New Moon horoscopes!) to remind us all of the full potency and potential of this lunation:

The power that is available to us when we allow the truth to surface is unmatched by anything given by the outside world. This new moon is reminding us of the presence of that power. Our access to our own power. The importance of refusing any narrative that would keep us from that power.

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