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Iyengar Yoga: National Association of the United States

Last updated: 12/25/2018

Iyengar Yoga is named for yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar (1918 - 2014). Called the "Michelangelo of yoga" and named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2004, Mr....

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Yoga Techniques for Relaxation - Bee Green Lifestyle Magazine

Last updated: 12/24/2018

So, this is Christmas, the week we’ve all been planning and preparing for, yet the build-up can leave us feeling frazzled and unable to enjoy our down-time. With the dark, the...

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BKS Iyengar @100: The centenary of the father of modern yoga

Last updated: 12/21/2018

Seated with the legs folded, the spine straight, eyes gently closed, palms in a namaste, the breath softened and elongated and reciting an invocation to Sage Patanjali. This is...

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Tributes to Guruji - Iyengar Yoga UK

Last updated: 12/20/2018

My gratitude goes equally to Pam and Guruji, as we all become one. Kirsten Agar Ward Words cannot adequately express my gratitude. Told by medics we had a 0.0001% chance of a...

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Half disciple: Did Guruji Iyengar really succeed in taking the ‘I’ out of me? ????

Last updated: 12/10/2018

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have given the world Yoga Day, but credit for the international popularity of yoga must go to the asli asanists. Like BKS Iyengar. Guruji’s...

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Centennial Celebration, Day 1 & 2

Last updated: 12/10/2018

We arrived to Balewadi Stadium on December 3rd to a very well organized event with over 1200 participants. We were given a badge and a group, coded by letters and colors which...

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On BKS Iyengar’s birth centenary, enthusiasts gather for love of yoga - Times of India

Last updated: 12/09/2018

By: Zubin Zarthoshtimanesh Yogacharya BKS Iyengar, whose 100th birth anniversary will be celebrated on December 14, was among those gurus who handed down traditional knowledge...

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Understanding Iyengar Yoga | Yoga Vastu

Last updated: 11/30/2018

35 years ago the term ‘Iyengar yoga’ was barely used. BKS Iyengar had only just opened his new yoga institute in the India city of Pune, and it was difficult to find a bookshop...

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Action and Directionality in Asana

Last updated: 11/16/2018

One of the main principles in Iyengar Yoga is concerned with working within the asanas to establish correct action and appropriate directionality. Much of the credit for this...

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iYoga October News

Last updated: 10/27/2018

View this email in your browser Want to beat the winter blues? Does your holiday and the glorious hot summer seem a distant memory? Despite the last few sunny days, autumn is...

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