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Orange Tree Iyengar Yoga Retreats & Events 2018

Last updated: 10/06/2018

Yoga Stills the Fluctuations of the Mind It's the final day of the final retreat of 2017 at Monte na Luz Portugal and I'm looking forward to starting events again from January...

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Hannah Lovegrove Iyengar Yoga

Last updated: 10/05/2018

We value your feedback. It helps us to know how we’re doing, and let’s others know what to expect. Please click this link to leave your feedback. Here’s what others have said...

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Under the Spell of Yoga

Last updated: 10/05/2018

Around 1600, a dramatic shift took place in Mughal art. The Mughal emperors of India were the most powerful monarchs of their day—at the beginning of the seventeenth century,...

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My Yoga Mentor

Last updated: 10/04/2018

What You Need to Know About the IT Band The trendy go-to remedy for a tight IT band—foam rolling—can actually do more harm than good. Here's why, plus the poses that'll help you...

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Iyengar 201: Build Resilience by Adding Variety to Your Yoga Practice

Last updated: 10/03/2018

At 55 years young, I am realizing how important it is to cultivate resilience in my yoga practice and teaching. If we are too hard on ourselves, it becomes more and more...

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Orange Tree Iyengar Yoga Retreats & Events

Last updated: 10/02/2018

Yoga Stills the Fluctuations of the Mind I'm leaving Los Angeles today after my final weekend of the three year Iyengar Yoga Therapeutics course with Manouso Manos. It's been...

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MDIIY - Teacher Training Course 2018

Last updated: 10/01/2018

The Manchester and District Institute of Iyengar Yoga is one of the UK's leading centres of Iyengar yoga teacher training; "our" teachers have gone on to teach thousands of new...

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Start yoga tomorrow! 

Last updated: 09/27/2018

I hope you have all enjoyed a relaxing summer break and are looking forward to getting back to classes. Our new term starts on Monday 4th September with some exciting...

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The Seeker

Last updated: 09/25/2018

As comfort zones creep in, to-do lists pile up, and the daily stresses of every day life take their toll, we find the possibility of stagnation increasing when a daily practice...

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Newsletter – Iyengar Yoga with Rachel September 2017

Last updated: 09/24/2018

I return from Holland today - classes resume tomorrow (Tuesday 29th August) and there is a beginners workshop on Saturday 2nd September. I am away again to Italy - 9th to 16th -...

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