Your massage therapy business can grow with a huge email list

Last updated: 09-28-2018

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Your massage therapy business can grow with a huge email list

Do you know what it takes to really grow a successful massage practice? Is it possible to grow a massage business and watch it thrive for years and years?  Can you establish a great clientele with little-to-no advertising money?

Yes, you absolutely can!

This guide will show you what you need to do to attract clients, make your clients return to your practice, and keep them coming to you (and only you) for years.

What’s missing from your massage therapy business that could cause growth beyond your wildest dreams? There is so much more to making tons of money as a massage therapist than just providing a good massage. But, can you do it?

Yes, you can!

Some massage students think that you can make thousands per week, right out of school, but it just doesn’t work like that. Starting a massage therapy practice takes time and money…but much less time and a lot less money using my step-by-step ebook.

In this guide, “Sorry, I’m Booked!”, you will learn exactly what you need to do to start growing your business far beyond what you dreamed. 

•    The do’s and don’ts of pricing services •    How to create a “killer” Brochure •    How to overcome shyness and talk to people about your business •    How to get others to advertise your massage therapy business without paying them any money •    Taking care of your clients and ensuring loyalty •    How social media can build your business (and save your sanity) on        slow days •    Why a website is a must-have •    Where you can go to advertise your business to hundreds of people        at one time …for FREE!!!

But, can you do it?

Yes, you can!

Whether you’re working in a spa or for someone else as a massage therapist, you will only make enough money to survive …. unless you start your own practice.  When you start your own business, you will charge “your prices”,  which will provide you with more money and a steady, regular and super loyal clientele.

You will also learn...

•    Why the location of your business is important •    What your massage room should contain to appeal to your clients •    How to choose a name for your business, and why it is important •    How to educate your clients on the services you offer, and encourage        them to share that knowledge with others •    What you can do to show credibility to clients •    How to start an email list to advertise services •    Why and how to talk about the benefits of massage therapy •    Why complimentary massages can make or break your business

But, can you do this?

Yes, you absolutely can .......because I did!

And I will show you how!

Have the Advantage, Earn the Money you work so hard to have, and enjoy the life you want, as you say time after time …..

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